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Keep your brand away from fake news, disinformation, and hate speech. Get an ad check.

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It's time to check your ads.

In advertising, trust is everything. That makes your digital ad placements so much more than an algorithmic decision. It’s a statement about what your brand supports.

At Check My Ads, we believe your brand is too important to be left to a random algorithm or some opaque media supply chain that someone else controls.

We empower marketers to set the terms for where your ads go and what your brand associates with, so you can stay in control of your brand’s safety.

Because of your actions when I was at Uber running performance marketing I ended up uncovering $90 million in advertising fraud.
Person’s Name
Former Title
Kevin Frisch
Former Head of Acquisition
"I ended up uncovering $90 million in advertising fraud because of your actions when I was running performance marketing at Uber."
Barry Enderwick
Former Director of Customer Acquisition, Conversion & Creative
"Marketers who understand ad placement are going to be two steps ahead of the industry. Check My Ads is the way to get those insights."
Harriet Kingaby
Conscious Ad Network
"Check My Ads is here to show brands how to make conscious choices. No hype, just a sound education for brands that want to lead."

Essential brand safety for marketing teams.


Work With Us

Check your ads

Are you funding hate sites and disinformation with your ad budget? We’ll help you look under the hood for

• Hate speech
• Conspiracy theories
• Health disinformation
• Fake news

Plan your media

You have a strong sense of your brand. How does what you know translate to a brand safe media strategy? This workshop ends when you have

• A unified understanding of brand safety
• Tangible next steps
• Clear tools for ad management

Define your strategy

How should you be advertising right now? What should your brand be doing? We speak to marketers about

• Best practices
• Getting ahead of social media crises
• The real ROI of different ad environments

Why partner with us?

We’re led by a team of marketing experts who have been on the frontlines of brand safety since 2016.

Read Our Story

Nandini Jammi

Nandini Jammi is co-founder at Sleeping Giants, the global movement that made thousands of advertisers aware that they were funding Breitbart and other hateful media outlets.

Claire Atkin

Claire Atkin is a marketing leader specializing in online disinformation and platform governance. Her advocacy has made her a trusted advisor to government agencies and private sector clients alike.


I have brand safety tech. Why would I need you?

Brand safety vendors are unreliable and often work against your marketing goals. In fact, we've found they block your ads from some of the best places on the web. We believe the only way to advertise safely and cost-effectively is to train your in-house team to write the rules and enforce them.

Can you explain these concepts further before I work with you?

Yes! We're happy to discuss your challenges on a call before we work together. If you're curious to learn more, you can also take a peek at our newsletter, where we unravel the crazy world of advertising for marketers BRANDED.

Do you offer any certifications?

Not yet, but we're thinking about it. If that's something you're interested in, let us know.

I see you are a .org. Are you a non-profit?

At this time, we are a for-profit initiative. As we grow, that may change. We felt that Check My Ads was the perfect name for our company, but the .com was already taken.

Let’s check your ads.

We'll show you how to keep your brand out of trouble. Send us a message and we'll get in touch.

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